Uber Drivers’ Discontent With SFO Traffic Tickets

Uber has mailed a ticket received from San Francisco Airport to one of their drivers due to violation of rules for not displaying Uber’s logo on his taxi. This $100 fine was a big loss for him that was deducted from his daily wage and he was not able to appeal. This situation was faced by a driver from San Ramon named Mustafa Ayubi and other drivers from Uber. The SFO receives ticket charges from Lyft and Uber’s drivers rather than tracking for payments and thus they can get their money guaranteed.

Lyft includes cost of traffic tickets while Uber pays for the ticket & later deducts it from the drivers’ earnings. The drivers don’t even have any idea about this and they are notified after several months related to this. Ayuba said that we are helpless and we cannot fight against this. Ayuba is a driver who drives about ten to twelve hours daily to nurture his family with three children. He was charged thrice with $100 fine every time due to absence of “trade dress” on his taxi even though the taxi has vinyl decals of Uber on the cab along with the SFO permit at the front side.

Ayuba appealed to the Greenlight Hub of Uber from Daly City, but they told him to protest by saying that he wasn’t using Uber App. But he said he will not lie anyhow. SFO has charged a fine of about $1.74million to Lyft and Uber due to the violations of 16617 drivers for not having trade dress, parking outside the designated parking lots or not putting the SFO playcard. SFO said that this system is essential because Lyft and Uber bear operating permits by airport and thus they are responsible to follow the rules. Charging the drivers by fine helps them to correct their behavior, a SFO spokesperson said.

By Sarah Colin

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