Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Reportedly Scrutinized For Bank Fraud Exceeding $20 Million

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of Donald Trump, the U.S. President, is under inquiry for bank and tax fraud. On Sunday The New York Times reported that investigators are looking at more than $20 Million in loans to a taxi firm he owns with his family. The value of those scrutinized loans had not been previously reported.

The report mentioned the number of sources familiar with the matter. It stated that authorities are also looking into if the ex-fixer was found to break any laws by organizing economic contracts with women claiming to have had affairs with Trump. The Times proclaimed that two of its resources signified that prosecutors might file charges by the end of August 2018.

CNBC had requested Lanny Davis, a lawyer for Cohen, to comment on the report from The Times. However, he did not react immediately to the same. Teh newspaper stated that Cohen and his lawyers refused to comment for its article.

On a similar note, John Brennan, ex-CIA director, came into the news as he proclaimed of intimidating a legal action against Donald Trump. Brennan stated that he was forced to take this stand. Recently, he was suddenly stripped of his security clearance in an unprecedented demonstration of presidential pique.

Brennan explained that he had no plan of being cowered by Trump’s surprising act to take out his access to confidential information. The latest unparalleled move has prompted an equally incomparable blowback from about 13 of the most respected national security figures in the country. All of them came together and wrote a joint letter criticizing the latest move. They described it as an ill-considered and unprecedented move. Brennan proclaimed that he had been approached by numerous lawyers and was aggressively considering his options.

By Sarah Colin

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