Chinese man steals 800 meters of road in one night

A thief in China stole about 800 meters from a concrete paved road to resell them and earn some money, a misdemeanor in the space of one night, a Chinese media outlet reported.

It was residents of Sankeshu Village, Jiangsu Province, in the east of the country, who called police on Jan. 24 to report the mysterious disappearance of the stretch of road, according to China News Service.

Villagers thought that road work was underway, but the police quickly discovered a different scenario.

A man hired a shovel to cut the pavement, loaded the pieces of concrete into trucks, and sent them to a building materials company that bought them, China News Service said Thursday evening.

The ambitious thief was looking for a way to make money. For him, recovering and selling the concrete was a good “business opportunity” and the construction of a new road nearby had in any case greatly reduced the traffic on the place of the package. “No one was driving here. So, why not grab the concrete pieces to make some money? Said the criminal, according to China News Service.

The thief recovered a total of 500 tons of concrete. The factory bought them for 5,000 yuan, or 985 Canadian dollars.

This funny story generated Friday, on Chinese social networks, tens of thousands of comments. “Poverty really made it creative,” an admiring user wrote on the Weibo microblogging platform. Another was more ferocious: “The most appropriate sanction would be to repair the road. ”

By Sarah Colin

Sarah Colin is the senior editor of Strange News Chronicle, and can't really think of a better job than one that lets her read and write interesting stories on everything from aliens and asteroids to Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Sarah previously worked in magazines at Transcontinental Media and headed up the lifestyle department at Sun Media. Her Twitter bio describes her as a "reader, writer, eater,, fancy geek, summer cyclist," which pretty much sums up how she spends her time outside of work.

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