Lenovo CEO Confesses Making Errors In Smartphone Market Of India

Confessing that Lenovo made some errors in India in the smartphone business, the firm’s CEO Yang Yuanqing this week pledged to reclaim its earlier glory in the coming years by rolling out right goods for the India market below both its Motorola and Lenovo brands.

“India is a very significant market for us. We have room for enchantments in the handset business,” Yuanqing claimed to the media here while taking part in a roundtable meeting. The meeting was along with other Lenovo Executive Council’s members. The council is the highest decision-making entity of the firm.

“In general, our aim is to create income of almost $6 Billion in the upcoming 5 Years from India,” Yuanqing claimed to the media in an interview. He further added that the firm is aiming on branching out all verticals of its businesses comprising the PC (personal computer) and smart devices section that comprises data center business and tablets apart from handsets section.

While Lenovo’s tablet and PC businesses have carried on to post healthy development over the last few years in India, its market share in the handset business witnessed a drop in the 2017–2018 fiscal year. This dropped down to almost 6% from 9% in the last financial year, claimed the firm mentioning data from the IDC (International Data Corp).

On a related note, the execution of 5G tech is attaining momentum and handset manufacturers are now aiming on bringing their 5G handsets to the market. Taking the lead, Lenovo has verified that it will be the first handset creator to roll out a 5G handset fueled by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset.

Recently, a leak emerged online recommending that Qualcomm has started the mass manufacturing of its processor since June. If the rumor is true, then the firm might roll out the handset by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.


New Feature Of Google Maps Can Assist Others Track Your Handset’s Battery

Google is frequently operating on enhancing Google Maps, its navigation application. The firm has now rolled out a new function for the Android consumers. The new function will allow consumers to see the battery percentage left on the smartphone. The new functionality is claimed to separate in line with the location sharing functionality of Google Maps.

So, when a consumer will share their position then they will also share the battery percentage of their handset with everybody to see. As per a report by Android Police, the battery sharing function has been in progress for sometime but was not seen to everybody. In addition to this, the functionality also did not show the exact battery level until now.

The report also claimed that on some occasions the battery percentage of a handset was less that 15% but, it showed a formal message claiming “John’s battery is between 50 and 75%.” Now, it appears that the firm has operated on the function and is steadily launching it out to everybody.

The function may not be helpful for the consumers who do not employ the location sharing function. On the other hand, the users who employ the location sharing function will find it useful since it assists them to keep a track of status of other user’s handset.

Previous month, Google launched out the India-first “two wheeler” functionality of Google Maps worldwide. The firm rolled out the functionality in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The two-wheeler mode assists the motorbike riders to find their way from one location to another with simplicity. Head of Product at Google Maps, Krish Vitaldevara, claimed, “The objective is for drivers to read via the directions to assist memorize the path before they begin navigating, especially since these nations tend to have alleyways & roads without real names.”


Targus Rolls Out TurboQuad USB Portable Charger

Targus, the US-located IT peripheral firm, has branched out its product series in India with the roll out of TurboQuad USB travel charger. The device has as price tag at Rs 2,799. The portable device has 4 x USB ports and comes with a 4.8A charging power capacity. USB ports of the device come integrated with what is dubbed as the “Smart Detection.” This function permits the ports to offer customized speed of charging by automatically sensing the precise charge needed by the linked machine.

With up to 5V of total output, the firm states that the charger can fast charge any tablet or smartphone. The interchangeable design of the plug is ideal for any travel plans and brings great convenience, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

Speaking on the roll out, Country Manager for India and Regional Director for Product Marketing for Asia, Manish Aher, claimed, “Due to Targus’s philosophy of continually designing progressive tech accessories, we emerged up with this USB travel charger. The multiple gadgets and ever-demanding lifestyle that our users go through in order t get their work done gave us the motivation to emerge up with this device. The compact built of this device will allow you charge your devices on the go so that you never have a boring moment. We expect we assist our users make their life simpler with this device.”

On a similar note, the company earlier extended its keyboard series in India by rolling KB55 Bluetooth keyboard. The multi-platform device has a price tag of Rs 1,599. The device is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS operating system. The device is claimed to be ultra-thin since it has a just 5.1 mm of thickness. It is Bluetooth 3.0 suited device that permits it to link to tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops with ease.


Twitter Looks For Help From Academics To Restrain Abuse

Lined up with its attempts to curb harassment and abuse of consumers on its website, Twitter has now chosen 2 research projects. The projects aim to design metrics to calculate the public conversation’s health.

“An upgrade! We have chosen 2 projects from submissions of 230 idea. Our first aim is operating to calculate the public conversation’s health, and that calculations be defined and open by 3rd parties (not by us),” claimed Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, to the media in an interview this week.

One of the 2 projects that the social media has now chosen will be spearheaded by Leiden University’s political science professor in the Netherlands.

This project will design 2 sets of metrics: the issues that might arise during any discussion progresses and how communities discuss around political topics on Twitter, Twitter claimed to the media. The Leiden-spearheaded project will majorly aim on two main challenges: uncivil discourse and echo chambers.

On the basis of their earlier results, echo chambers (which are created when discussions comprise only akin-minded perspectives and people) can promote resentment and increase hostility towards those not having the similar kind of discussion.

The first set of metrics for the project will assess the degree to which people engage and acknowledge with diverse opinions on Twitter. The other set of metrics will aim on intolerance and incivility in Twitter chats. The group has discovered that while incivility, which violates standards of politeness, can be challenging.

Previously this year, the microblogging website claimed that it will operate to increase the collective openness, health, and civility of the dialogue on its platform. As fraction of these actions, Twitter started a program to remove millions of false accounts and in June 2018 declared the acquirement of Smyte. Smyte is a San Francisco-located technology firm that specializes in spam, safety, and security problems.


WhatsApp Working On A New Feature

WhatsApp has now been claimed to be operating on a new feature dubbed as “Mark as read” and it has begun launching out the same for its beta testers on Android platform.

As stated by WABetaInfo on Tweeter, the company has begun launching out the “Mark as read” functionality for its beta testers on Android platform with the version number 2.18.232. The new functionality will allow the consumers to mark incoming texts as read straightly from the notification bar. The functionality will save a lot of time of the consumers since now they will be capable of marking read any text without having to actually read it.

In addition to this, consumers will also have the option to reply the texts straightly from the notification bar itself.

Besides this, the Twitter account that tracks modifications in beta builds of WhatsApp claims that WhatsApp is also operating on a GIF sharing tool. The firm is operating on new upgrades for WhatsApp web and the firm may soon include GIF button to it. In addition to this, it is also been claimed that the firm is also designing a Stickers button. Tapping on the Sticker button will take consumers to the store where they will find WhatsApp Stickers.

On a related note, Facebook earlier declared at its yearly developer meeting F8 that WhatsApp (its popular instant messenger) will shortly receive group calling functions. This week, the firm has declared that it has begun launching out the feature of group calling for both video & voice calls all over the world.

Lately, it was rumored that WhatsApp is operating on including a “Suspicious link” detection functionality. The new functionality is claimed to warn consumers about any suspicious links that they have got from any user. The firm is planning this functionality so as to fight in opposition to the spread of false news.


Post Menopause Motherhood Sparks Debate

Brigitte Nielson, who gave birth at 54, is hitting the headlines not only for becoming a mother but also for her age at which she delivered a healthy baby.

In fact, the famous actress is very positive about the decisions of her life and is offering encouragement to the ladies who have not yet tasted the essence of motherhood and are approaching menopause.

She stated that she is the owner of her life and takes her own decision. She also mentioned that her husband and she share a strong relationship that is not affected by what the other people think and believe.

The famous actress got married to Mattia Dessi in 2006. At that time, he was 39. After hitting 40, she had started to freeze her eggs. She also had a 3–4% chance of conceiving through the normal procedure. However, she succeeded in conceiving after 14 years of trial through IVF.

She is blessed with 4 kids from previous marriages but Frida is her only child with Dessi.

Conventionally, it is impossible to conceive after menopause. With the passing time and advent of the latest technologies, the same has been made possible. To be precise, the numbers of older mothers are increasing exponentially. According to the study released in 2016 by the ONS or Office of National Statistics, the rate of older mothers has increased by 2%. The study has not been able to prove whether or not the mothers belong to the category of 50 years. However, the women who are nearing menopause or has reached menopause are seeking for the medical assistance at an increased rate.

Though the chances of becoming a mother after menopause are increasing, the health of the children is a prime reason for concern. On one hand, most of the ladies give birth to healthy infants while some fail to do so. Dr. Janine Elson stated that the risks associated with the health of the newborns increase with the older age.


Sir Paul McCartney Performs A Secret Gig At The Cavern

It has been more than 60 years since Paul McCartney, the legendary Beatles singer and bass guitarist, first entered the Cavern Club. On Thursday McCartney “secretly” had a gig on the same stage. So much as 250 people appeared to hear the legend perform his 28-song set.

The songs he performed ranged from classic Beatles hits from the 60s to songs from his latest solo album.76-year-old McCartney addressed the crowd saying how amazing it was for him to return to the Cavern.175 fans were lucky enough to get free tickets from the box office arena after the announcement of the show on Thursday morning. McCartney kicked off the show with lyrics from Michelle.

He had auditioned with this song in 1957 for John Lennon. Back in the early 60s the Beatles played 292 times at the Cavern. McCartney has played once at the present Cavern since then in 1999.Homages to George Harrison and John Lennon were paid. In Spite of All the Danger was a part of his song-set which was written and recorded while they were The Quarrymen. Wings and Beatles hits like Band on the Run and Magical Mystery Tour and many more from Egypt Station, Paul’s new solo album, were also sung. His virility and vigor were clearly reflected in his gig. The lyrics of Come On To Me might have had suggestions of McCartney still casually dating if he wasn’t a happily married man. The song Fuh You, as the singer said, can be interpreted freely. James Jardine, a concertgoer said that McCartney has “still got it”. Many others weren’t as lucky and waited outside to steal a look of the man. The rock legend played at the Philharmonic pub for the TV show by James Corden for around 50 fans. Monday saw him performing at Abbey Road Studios as stars like Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue and Stormzy watched.


Jeff Bezos—The Man Behind Amazon’s Stellar Growth

There is a woman behind every man’s success. However, there is a man behind the success of the pioneer in the niche of e-commerce, Amazon. Jeff Bezos is the name that has successfully created a ripple in the world of digitization with his innovative approach and state-of-art methodologies.

Nearly 20 years ago, he saw a dream of being able to create a platform that will enable the people to access diversified kinds of items like pet foods, caviar, and others with just a single click. He also thought that the popularity of the malls will deplete significantly while the shops will have to rely on the convenience as well as entertainment to survive. He materialized his dreams by building the empire of Amazon.

It was founded in 1994, which is now a trillion dollar company, selling from the hand-me-down books to the A1 amenities. Now, Jeff Bezos is looking forward to exploring the other genres rather constricting the business to the retail market.

The richest man in the world owns the Washington Post newspaper. He is also the owner of Blue Origin, an aerospace company, which has plans to sell tickets that will allow the people to travel in space. In fact, he has hinted to announce a few philanthropic plans during the forthcoming summer.

His former girlfriend from high school also stated that she had always speculated Jeff Bezos to accomplish the journey to outer space. She had also stated that his idea was to tweaking the future rather than earning money.

In high school itself, Bezos had stated to establish colonies in the outer space. He had also dismantled his crib with the help of a screwdriver when he was 3, which clearly depicted his knack for engineering.

He has always stated that he looks forward to enjoying immediate results rather than gaining from a long-term project. However, the world is awaiting his next step towards the success.


Low-Priced RDP Access Leave Systems Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

The RDP (remote desktop protocol) that allows remote administrator access to a computer is extremely vulnerable to dark web attackers with a capability to bring down firms and cripple cities. This is claimed via an investigation spearheaded by the cyber security provider McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team. In its analysis, McAfee found that authorization connected to building automation and security systems of a huge international airport can be purchased for just US$10.

RDP is a proprietary protocol designed by Microsoft to permit consumers access a different PC via a graphical interface. It is an influential software for systems admins. If in the corrupt hands, RDP can be employed for devastating impact, the survey claimed.

As claimed in the study, the dark web has RDP shops (online websites trading RDP authorization of hacked devices) from which one can purchase logins to PCs to possibly bring down major firms and cripple cities.

“The Advanced Threat Research team of McAfee looked at different RDP stores, ranging from 15 to over 40,000 RDP links for trading at UAS (Ultimate Anonymity Service). It is a Russian business and the biggest active store we studied. We also saw at smaller stores found via forum chats and searches. During our study we observed that the size of the larger stores varies daily almost 10%. The aim of our study was not to generate a definitive list of RDP stores; instead, we wanted a better reorganization of the products offered, general modus operandi, and possible victims,” the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

On a related note, recently it was stated that McAfee is building security functions to safeguard digital wallets from scams and frauds. “India has a huge number of wallets in comparison to other nations,” claimed managing director for South Asia at McAfee, Anand Ramamoorthy, to the media in an interview.


Microsoft Whiteboard App To Be Made Available For iOS & Web

Tech behemoth Microsoft Corporation has currently introduced its new app Whiteboard collaboration on Windows 10. The company sources claim that freeform inking application, which can now be easily accessed on Windows 10, will be introduced on web and iOS in the coming months.

Microsoft Whiteboard permits the team members to work together on a blank digital canvas, both individually as well as from the distant location. Additionally, the new application also offers keyboard support facility for the team members to write notes & type their innovative ideas on the canvas.

Apparently, whiteboard app features the ability to append and manipulate images. Furthermore, the app can automatically identify an individual drawing a table, thereby helping the collaborators in keeping their ideas in an organized form.

Reports state that the new application tool permits multiple users in real-time collaboration on an idea by making use of pictures and doodles. It facilitates users to make use of stylus for taking notes and drawing illustrations.

Experts claim that post a brainstorming session, information on the whiteboards can be saved & shared through the Microsoft cloud. Reportedly, team members can refer this data at any time in the near future.

According to the tech giant, Window 10 users will now be able to access Whiteboard application. Additionally, Office 365 commercial users of the app & individuals having personal account with Microsoft can easily access its collaboration features. The firm boasts that it is planning to introduce new collaboration features of the Whiteboard app across multiple Office 365 tenants in the near future.

Microsoft has reported that the Whiteboard was used by over 2,00,000 users in December last year. Sources claim that Whiteboard app utilizes Microsoft’s ‘intelligent link’ to identify the pictures of an individual and give it a standard shape. The app has the ability to autosave the work of the user, thereby helping him/her to continue the work that he/she left off.