BS4 Engine Based On Inline Fuel Pump, Innoline Introduced By Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland presented on Thursday Innoline for commercial vehicles in India. The company has combined the inline fuel pump BS3 and iEGR to launch the inline pump dedicatedly made for BS4 engines in India for the first time, according to the company statement.

This technology can also be upgraded and used for BS6 engines.

In addition to the benefits of iEGR technology, such as the reduction of operational costs and the hassle of AdBlue (urea), the Innoline significantly simplifies maintenance task for mechanics ensures a worry-free service experience for customers.

According to the company, this will translate into an increase in profits for the customers of Ashok Leyland on the basis of the motto of the brand.

Managing Director of Ashok Leyland, Vinod K. Dasari said, “With the BS3 fuel inline pump and iEGR, exactly what we were doing. The iEGR is already a success in the Indian market, with more than 1 million vehicles sold last year. Now we are facilitating the introduction of Innoline technology in our motors H series. This technology will be equipped with an inline pump for our BS4 engine, making the iEGR continue to provide our customers with a simpler system along with simplification for maintenance and other cost savings.”

“This technology is also ready for the future as it can also be updated standard for BS6 problem. We are proud of our innovation and the fact that we are the only OEM in the world with BS4 inline pump and Euro4 engines also certified ARAI. This is another example of the promise of a brand that will not only aid customers but also the mechanical and ecosystem drivers will get advantage from this simple but effectual Indian innovation, “he added.

By Sarah Colin

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