YouTube Is Watching That How Much You Are Watching YouTube

However, the digital health features are still in beta phase and are online accessible on Pixel phone, Google is spreading its efforts to monitor digital health and wellness to YouTube, majorly to assist the users from watching a lot of bad videos.

The latest tools are in itself are very simple and has all of data that can tell you the amount of time you spent on watching YouTube, some more features which allow you to define what kind of notification you will receive and how many time it comes, and the functionality of defining the time limits to make you take breaks at regular optimum intervals.

The stat provided by YouTube was categorized into today, yesterday and past week along with a weekly average to provide the users with an optimal idea about the time they spend on watching videos.

Though the data depend on what is there in your watch history, in case the user tends to clear the history or our history is turned off, the app is not able to give you precise data about your watch time.

However, it is not been clear that whether the video streaming giants count the Offline videos that the user watch without being online. And in case if a user has multiple channels under one Google account, the user needs to switch to its main account to see the stats of watch time.

Right not, it seems like the time spent on watching the YouTube Videos while signed into any other channel cannot count in your primary account.

It is very easy to check for your watch time in a mobile device, the user just needs to click on the image and open the setting section, and then clicking on the option reads “Time watched.” However, for desktop devices, it’s been noted that Google hasn’t updated its web interface.


Google Fit Receives Apple Watch-Like Activity Goals And More

Google Fit has been revamped, receiving numerous new functionalities. Most significant, is the inclusion of activity goals. Google hypes that it is functioning with the WHO and AHA to bring the spanking-new fitness-centered features.

The upgraded Google Fit application is also developed to identify automatically your running, biking, and walking activities utilizing your Wear OS-based smartwatch or phone sensors and provide diverse “Heart Points” to encourage you to continue moving.

The Google Fit’s new version has 2 key parts—one is developed to underline your physical activity, while the other enables you to specify what activities are affecting your heart. Now Google has begun utilizing “Move Minutes” to push users to make few alterations to their daily habit, such as taking a walk rather than of having a coffee or walking up stairs rather than taking an elevator.

All the users’ physical activities are tracked by the upgraded Google Fit app utilizing the inbuilt sensors either of their smartwatch or smartphone to provide you precise Move Minutes. Besides Move Points, the upgraded app provides Heart Points that are collected dependent on activities that get their heart pumping harder than its ordinary habits.

The updated Google Fit utilizes sensors on one’s smartwatch or smartphone, such as the GPS and accelerometer, to automatically sense your moves and project the integer of Heart Points you receive. Also, the Google Fit app functions with other fitness apps like Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo to accurately acclaim your points based on your activity.

The newest Google Fit upgrade remarkably arrives just weeks prior to the new Apple Watch rollout that is likely to take place along with the unveiling of the 2018 iPhone models in the coming month. The latest report also asserted that Google is functioning on a devoted assistant for wearables that may appear as Google Coach.

People Science

The Latest Study Says Googling The Symptoms Might Improve Patients’ Experience In The ER

Recently, researchers released the results of their latest study. According to the latest research, googling the health-related questions can impact positively on patients’ experience in the hospital’s emergency room. Earlier, this study was published in the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA).

Victorian scientists proclaimed that they had studied about 400 individuals who were presented to the Melbourne hospitals’ emergency departments. The study was carried out for a period of about 4 Months in 2017. The results of this research highlighted that about 49% of patients were searching the health-related information on the Internet on regular basis.

The earlier study pointed out that about 35% of patients involved in the survey were found to be searching the Internet for information on the particular health issue for which they had visited the hospital emergency room. Scientists reviewed patients’ experience with the help of a “doctor–patient relationship” scale. They found that about 68% of patients who had googled their symptoms thought this assisted them to communicate with their doctor more effectively.

On a similar note, recently 40 Australian children were offered with cannabidiol for the treatment of acute epilepsy. The recent assessment highlighted that almost all children had an unpleasant event within 3 Months of the treatment. However, the research also highlighted that most of these events were found to be mild and not related to the therapy.

According to the NSW study, the treating doctors and carers of these patients stated that more than half of the group had demonstrated at least a little progress in their health. The recent research paper was published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Pediatric neurologists had tracked tolerability, adverse events, and the subjective impressions of treating neurologists and caregivers amongst the initial group of children. These children were suffering from drug-challenging epilepsy.


And The Trade War Continues…Fresh Tariffs Imposed On China

The trade war takes a fresh turn as the US President announced to impose fresh tariffs on China. The second set of items that is worth $16 billion or £12.4 billion will be facing a tariff of 25%, which will include products like aerials and motorcycles.

The disagreement spiked up in July and the negative impact is accelerating exponentially since then. As the US imports to China is greater than the exports, it is speculated that the second set of tariff will severely damage the companies as well as the consumers.

On the other hand, China has not stepped back to impose a retaliatory tariff on the US products like cars, buses, coal, and medical instruments. China has also decided to take up the matter to the WTO or World Trade Organization that will judge the matter without any biased influence. Previously, the matter was brought forward by China when Washington imposed tariffs for the first time. In fact, the Commerce Ministry of China has also stated that the US is violating all the rules and regulations designed by the WTO.

China is not the only country to receive the blow of tariff from the US; Donald Trump has also imposed tariffs on the EU, Canada, and Mexico in order to promote selling more American products, especially the ones that have been retaliated.

Various companies and industrial giants have given testimony regarding the matter of tariff at the Office of the Trade Representative in the US. In spite of the action, the US took another measure and imposed 25% tariff on China.

As a result of the same, various US companies have stated that the tariff will also affect the consumers of the US and they will not be able to sustain another blow without elevating the prices for the domestic people.


The Big Bang Theory To End In 2019

Popular US television series, The Big Bang Theory, is all set to telecast its last episode next year. This will be the end for one of the longest series in the history of US television. It will be starting its 12th season in the month of September and it is most likely to move toward an end in May next year. The show is based in Pasadena in California, US. In the main roles, it has a pair of physicists and their neighbors who are in the role of wannabe actresses. The show is supposed to have a viewership of 18 million people since the launch of its sixth season in the year 2012. The popularity continued to increase and reached a record breaking 18.6 million people watching the show by the time its 11th season was aired. These numbers surpasses all the US TV shows.

CBS and the production members expressed their gratitude towards the fans of the show through a joint statement. The statement read that all the cast, crew along with the team of writers and producers are working towards taking the show to its final season and thereby to an epic ending. The program has earned several awards and accolades down the years since its launch. Actor Jim Parsons who is in the role of a socially inept Sheldon Cooper has won an award for outstanding main actor four times. There have been in total 46 nominations in different categories and they have won 7 Emmys among them.

The main cast was reportedly earning about one million dollars for each episode in the year 2016 and they also said to have accepted a pay cut so that the supporting cast could be offered a pay rise. According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, the expensive pay packets for so many years in the TV industry may have been one of the reasons for the producers to take the decision of ending the program.


Russian Attackers Attacks On US Think-Tanks

Hackers connected to Government of Russia attempted to target the sites of two US think-tanks. This suggests that they were widening their attacks prior to the elections in November, Microsoft claimed to the media in an interview.

The software behemoth claimed that it had thwarted the efforts previous week by taking charge of websites that attackers had developed to replicate the pages of The Hudson Institute and The International Republican Institute. Consumers were redirected to false sites where they were asked to submit passwords and usernames.

There was no instant answer from authorities in Russia, but the Kremlin was likely to answer to the report. It has often declined blames that it has used attackers to influence US political opinion and elections.

Casting such accusations as fraction of an anti-Russian campaign developed to rationalize new sanctions on Russia, Kremlin claims it wishes to enhance not worsen relations with Washington.

“We are concerned that these efforts pose safety threats to a widening series of groups linked with both political parties of America before the 2018 elections,” Microsoft claimed to the media.

Speaking of cyber attacks, scientists at Checkpoint have discovered a new error that employs the external storage in an Android handset and allows attackers silently install apps to get authorization to data.

The scientists, addressing in Las Vegas at Defcon hacker event, have claimed that this procedure is dubbed as “Man-in-the-disk” attack. This attack takes place when app developers are not cautious about the memory their apps occupy in the external storage, which is something that is out of sandbox protection by Android.

It has been cited that some developers do not follow the rules laid out by Google entirely. The rules claim that an application must not store executable files in external memory, which is shared by other applications as well. Coders must do validation experiments too.


Uber Drivers’ Discontent With SFO Traffic Tickets

Uber has mailed a ticket received from San Francisco Airport to one of their drivers due to violation of rules for not displaying Uber’s logo on his taxi. This $100 fine was a big loss for him that was deducted from his daily wage and he was not able to appeal. This situation was faced by a driver from San Ramon named Mustafa Ayubi and other drivers from Uber. The SFO receives ticket charges from Lyft and Uber’s drivers rather than tracking for payments and thus they can get their money guaranteed.

Lyft includes cost of traffic tickets while Uber pays for the ticket & later deducts it from the drivers’ earnings. The drivers don’t even have any idea about this and they are notified after several months related to this. Ayuba said that we are helpless and we cannot fight against this. Ayuba is a driver who drives about ten to twelve hours daily to nurture his family with three children. He was charged thrice with $100 fine every time due to absence of “trade dress” on his taxi even though the taxi has vinyl decals of Uber on the cab along with the SFO permit at the front side.

Ayuba appealed to the Greenlight Hub of Uber from Daly City, but they told him to protest by saying that he wasn’t using Uber App. But he said he will not lie anyhow. SFO has charged a fine of about $1.74million to Lyft and Uber due to the violations of 16617 drivers for not having trade dress, parking outside the designated parking lots or not putting the SFO playcard. SFO said that this system is essential because Lyft and Uber bear operating permits by airport and thus they are responsible to follow the rules. Charging the drivers by fine helps them to correct their behavior, a SFO spokesperson said.


Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Reportedly Scrutinized For Bank Fraud Exceeding $20 Million

Michael Cohen, a former lawyer of Donald Trump, the U.S. President, is under inquiry for bank and tax fraud. On Sunday The New York Times reported that investigators are looking at more than $20 Million in loans to a taxi firm he owns with his family. The value of those scrutinized loans had not been previously reported.

The report mentioned the number of sources familiar with the matter. It stated that authorities are also looking into if the ex-fixer was found to break any laws by organizing economic contracts with women claiming to have had affairs with Trump. The Times proclaimed that two of its resources signified that prosecutors might file charges by the end of August 2018.

CNBC had requested Lanny Davis, a lawyer for Cohen, to comment on the report from The Times. However, he did not react immediately to the same. Teh newspaper stated that Cohen and his lawyers refused to comment for its article.

On a similar note, John Brennan, ex-CIA director, came into the news as he proclaimed of intimidating a legal action against Donald Trump. Brennan stated that he was forced to take this stand. Recently, he was suddenly stripped of his security clearance in an unprecedented demonstration of presidential pique.

Brennan explained that he had no plan of being cowered by Trump’s surprising act to take out his access to confidential information. The latest unparalleled move has prompted an equally incomparable blowback from about 13 of the most respected national security figures in the country. All of them came together and wrote a joint letter criticizing the latest move. They described it as an ill-considered and unprecedented move. Brennan proclaimed that he had been approached by numerous lawyers and was aggressively considering his options.


BS4 Engine Based On Inline Fuel Pump, Innoline Introduced By Ashok Leyland

Ashok Leyland presented on Thursday Innoline for commercial vehicles in India. The company has combined the inline fuel pump BS3 and iEGR to launch the inline pump dedicatedly made for BS4 engines in India for the first time, according to the company statement.

This technology can also be upgraded and used for BS6 engines.

In addition to the benefits of iEGR technology, such as the reduction of operational costs and the hassle of AdBlue (urea), the Innoline significantly simplifies maintenance task for mechanics ensures a worry-free service experience for customers.

According to the company, this will translate into an increase in profits for the customers of Ashok Leyland on the basis of the motto of the brand.

Managing Director of Ashok Leyland, Vinod K. Dasari said, “With the BS3 fuel inline pump and iEGR, exactly what we were doing. The iEGR is already a success in the Indian market, with more than 1 million vehicles sold last year. Now we are facilitating the introduction of Innoline technology in our motors H series. This technology will be equipped with an inline pump for our BS4 engine, making the iEGR continue to provide our customers with a simpler system along with simplification for maintenance and other cost savings.”

“This technology is also ready for the future as it can also be updated standard for BS6 problem. We are proud of our innovation and the fact that we are the only OEM in the world with BS4 inline pump and Euro4 engines also certified ARAI. This is another example of the promise of a brand that will not only aid customers but also the mechanical and ecosystem drivers will get advantage from this simple but effectual Indian innovation, “he added.


Chinese Manufacturer’s Inspection Failure Leads To The Thyroid Medication Recall

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proclaimed that medicines used in the treatment of hypothyroidism have been voluntarily recalled. The reason behind the recent recall is said to be quality issue of these medicines.

Reportedly, Westminster Pharmaceuticals LLC informed all wholesalers for stopping their distribution of particular products labeled as “Levothyroxine and Liothyronine (Thyroid Tablets, USP).” These are synthetic hormones enclosed in the thyroid drugs.

As per the National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus survey, more than 4.5% of the U.S. people over the age of 12 are suffering from hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid. No “undesirable incidents” related to the recalled products were noticed earlier.

The FDA release states that these products might be utilized for treating severe health conditions. So, patients using recalled drugs are allowed for the continual use of these medicines until they obtain an alternative option for the medicine. The release directs patients to communicate with their doctor before stopping the consumption of the medicine.

On a similar note, earlier the FDA announced that the organization has expanded its recall for valsartan, a commonly used blood pressure drug. The agency proclaimed that few batches of drug were found to be contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical.

Numerous generic valsartan products sold in the U.S. were found to be contaminated with NDMA that has an ability to cause cancer. Dr. Janet Woodcock, Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, FDA, proclaimed that the procedure utilized for manufacturing some generic versions of valsartan possesses the ability to generate a cancer-causing compound. Further, he added that these compounds are present at very small levels. However, as they are toxic to the DNA, they need to be controlled.

Woodcock proclaimed that the FDA has informed patients to continue their drugs until they can be confident that they are either using an unaltered brand or that they can be moved to a safer one. The threat is not urgent.