Author Of Rich Dad Poor Dad Calls US A Scam; Emphasizes On Bitcoins

Robert Kiyosaki, the man who wrote the widely popular self-help book ‘Rich Dad poor Dad’ which is based on financial aspects, has now joined the league of the people who consider the bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies relatively better as compared to the fiat currencies. Not just that, he also said that the US dollar is nothing but a scam. While speaking on the Sane Crypto Podcast with Kim Hughes, the man spoke about quite a few other things as well and also predicted a forthcoming stock market crash.

Kiyosaki, in his exact words, said that the silver and gold cybercurrencies can easily take the dollar out of the picture, which was the only currency in the year 2000. The dollar which was called reserve currency is said to stand nowhere with the rise of bitcoin and cybercurrency, by the man.

Against this collapse of the financial market that is expected to happen, the man believes that the bitcoin, gold and other cryptocurrencies stand a better chance. He mentioned this during discussing his new book called ‘Fake: Fake money, Fake teachers, Fake assets’, where he has shed more light on the topic.

In his new book, Kiyosaki talks about three types of money that currently exist. One type comprises of the gold and silver which is called as god’s money by the author. Second is the fiat currency and referred as government’s money while the third one is people’s money and it consists of the cybercurrency.

Robert Kiyosaki is not the only public figure who thinks that bitcoin is superior as compared to the US dollar. Earlier in 2017, Steve Wozniak too, the man who co-founded the tech giant Apple, said that the bitcoin is far more superior to the fiat currencies while referring to it as kind of phony.

By Sarah Colin

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