Drunk Man Calls 911 Just To Chat

ALLENTOWN,— A Pennsylvania man repeatedly called 911 while drunk because he was seeking conversation.

According to police 51-year-old Larry Keiser first called the emergency number around 10:30 p.m. Friday because he wanted to speak with a police officer. He said there was no emergency.

Over the next several hours, Keiser called five more times, leading police to show up at his home in North Whitehall Township after midnight.

Keiser told officers he drank several beers because he was upset about a family situation. Troopers told Keiser not to call 911 again unless there was an emergency, and he said he wouldn’t call again.

Troopers say he called 911 the minute after officers left.

The man was arrested for intentionally calling 911 for other than emergency purposes.

Man Drinking Pint Photographed While Fleeing Terror Attack

LONDON – A photo showing people fleeing the latest terrorist attack near London Bridge on Saturday night is being widely shared online.

The photo, which was a screenshot from Sky News, shows people running from the bridge, including a man caught who is carefully keeping hold of his beer.

People are relating to the image, as a quaint bit of normality on an otherwise awful day.

Howard Mannella shared the photo on Twitter, saying: “People fleeing # London Bridge but the bloke on the right isn’t spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!”


At least seven people have died and 48 are seriously injured after the attack.

Same-Sex Vulture Couple Hatches Abandoned Egg

AMSTERDAM – The couple living in captivity in an Amsterdam zoo took turns for two months, brooding the egg until the pigeon was born in excellent health.

Two male vultures that have a long-standing relationship at the Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam successfully bred an abandoned egg of a bird of the same species, reports Canada’s CBC.

The birds took turns for two months until the pigeon was born in excellent health. In addition, the couple has assumed their role as parents and according to the authorities of the Dutch zoo, they are doing very well.

“We have had them for several years, they always build their nest together,” said caretaker Job van Tol.

To feed the vulture pigeon, parents regurgitate food, as do all carrion birds.

Another characteristic of the griffon vulture pairs, to which the gay couple in question belongs, is that they stay together for the rest of their lives.

Zookeepers said it is not uncommon for gay vultures to join wildlife, as this couple decided in captivity.

As far as the Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is concerned, it is the first time in five years that an egg has successfully hatched.

“They did, the egg hatched,” Van Tol said. They are good parents, they make everything good, they are very protective, it’s beautiful, “he added.” The chick is 20 days old and grows crazy.

no constitutional right to marry your laptop Utah insists

ALT LAKE CITY — According to the Utah Attorney General’s Office, there is no constitutional right to marry a laptop

Responding to a lawsuit filed against Governor Gary Herbert, Attorney General Sean Reyes, and Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson, lawyers for the state asked a federal judge to dismiss it.

As reported by Fox13 Now, Chris Sevier sued the state of Utah, arguing that if same-sex marriage is legal he should be allowed to marry his computer. He recently amended his lawsuit to include John Gunter, Jr., and Whitney Kohl, who are arguing for the right to enter into a polygamous marriage.

Sevier has a history of filing similar lawsuits in other states. He is acting as his own attorney in this lawsuit, and has been barred from practicing law in Tennessee.

“Plaintiffs contend that because the courts have recognized same-sex individuals’ right to marry, this Court should further expand the right to marry to include unions between a person and a laptop computer and unions between multiple partners,” assistant Utah Attorney General David Wolf wrote in the filing, adding:

“These claims are untenable as a matter of law because Plaintiffs lack standing to bring these claims and the right to marry has not been indefinitely expanded, nor should it be. Simply put, marrying a laptop computer or multiple partners are not rights protected by the Constitution.”

Sevier, who is acting as his own attorney, has made similar claims before. Last year, he filed a lawsuit in a Houston federal court alleging that he and his 2011 Apple MacBook were denied a marriage license. At the time, he vowed to file additional lawsuits in 12 more states, though it’s unclear if the Utah suit is part of that pledge. “The state is not doing anyone any favors by encouraging people to live that lifestyle,” he told The Houston Press at the time. “We have to define marriage.”

This time around, Sevier included John Gunter, Jr., and Whitney Kohl, who are fighting for the right to enter into a polygamous marriage, in his lawsuit, KSTU-TV reports. Regardless, the Utah Attorney General’s Office wasn’t having any of it, calling on a federal judge to dismiss Sevier’s suit because there is no constitutional right to marry a laptop.

“These claims are untenable as a matter of law because Plaintiffs lack standing to bring these claims and the right to marry has not been indefinitely expanded, nor should it be,” assistant Utah Attorney General David Wolf wrote in the Tuesday filing, which can be viewed in full here. “Simply put, marrying a laptop computer or multiple partners are not rights protected by the Constitution.”

But Wolf didn’t stop there, offering a priceless retort for Sevier specifically. “Furthermore, even if that were not the case, unless Sevier’s computer has attained the age of 15,” he wrote, “it is too young to marry under Utah law.”

big Sur Landslide Buries Highway

Tons of dirt and stones are blocking the coastal scenic highway in California’s Big Sur region.

A portion of the Pacific Coast Highway, considered by some to be one of the most scenic drives in the US, was buried by a massive landslide, the California Department of Transportation said.

On Saturday, more than 1 million tons of rock and dirt fell down the slope and into the ocean about 65 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo.

“We haven’t been able to go up there and assess. It’s still moving,” Cruz told AP. “We have geologists and engineers who are going to check it out this week to see how do we pick up the pieces.”

Monterey County Sheriff’s Office posted aerial video on Facebook showing a section of the coastal highway, which was covered by the landslide.

“The slide went from bad to worse over the weekend and the video will give you a glimpse at the undertaking needed to open the road again,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.

South African Big Game Hunter Dies, Crushed To Death By Elephant

Theunis Botha (51), hunter and safaris organizer, dies after being crushed by the elephant that one of his clients had just killed

South African (SNC) – Theunis Botha, a figure known in the world of hunters and African safaris, died last Friday in Zimbabwe during an elephant hunt.

Theunis Botha, 51, was hunting with a group in Gwai, Zimbabwe, when they fell on a herd of farmed elephants.

They quickly started shooting, according to News 24 , scaring the animals. The animals began to charge in their direction.

A member of his group fired at the elephant. The animal, mortally wounded, fell on Botha, crushing it to the death.

Botha lived in South Africa where he left a wife and five children.

Botha was a recognized hunter. He had frequently led hunts to lions and leopards. He had often traveled to the United States to “recruit” wealthy Americans to participate in hunting he organized in Africa.

Mount Everest Climbers Die, A Dozen More Rescued

KATHMANDU, Nepal – Four mountaineers – an American, a Slovak, an Australian and an Indian – perished while trying to climb Everest on one of the most dramatic weekends since the 2015 avalanche that killed 18 people.

A dozen other climbers had to be rescued in the past three days due to difficulties on the “Roof of the World”, the rescuers told the Washington Post.

Deaths this weekend, most likely related to acute mountain sickness (MAM), bring to six the number of mountaineers who perished on Everest since the beginning of a season marked by a very changing weather, winds Very strong and unusually low temperatures.

The weather conditions subsided over the weekend, and a window opened to try to climb the summit which peaks at 8848 meters.

Despite the large number of climbers on the ground, no one has reported long lines of mountaineers who can delay climbing and become dangerous because climbers lose strength and unnecessarily waste their oxygen in this expectation.

More than a hundred mountaineers are expected to rush on Monday to the summit on the south face, to take advantage of this window that is likely to close quickly, according to forecasts.

“It may be that up to 150 mountaineers are racing today from the Nepalese side, which is not a record,” Ang Tsering Sherpa, chairman of the Mountaineering Federation of Nepal .

In 2012, 255 people had launched the same day of the two slopes for the ascent.

Ueli Steck dead in April

The Slovak Vladimir Strba was found dead on Sunday a few hundred meters from the summit, said Kamal Parajuli, from the Nepalese Department of Tourism.

It was above the 8,000 meters, in the “zone of death” -that area where altitude and oxygen deficiency deteriorate the functioning of the organs and where the terrain is particularly difficult- American physician Roland Yearwood.

A 54-year-old Australian who was trying to climb on his Tibetan slope was also killed, according to local media quoting the Tibetan Mountaineering Association. The man, presumably affected with MAM above 7500 meters, died trying to go down.

The Indian mountaineer Ravi Kumar, 27, reached the top Saturday, but has been missing since then, since his contact had been lost.

His Nepalese guide managed to get back down to Camp 4, just below 8,000 meters, suffering from severe frostbite.

“Rescuers have recovered his body,” Thupden Sherpa of Arun Treks and Expeditions said, adding that the remains had been located 200 meters from one of the ascent paths and that the rescuers were studying The possibility of recovering the remains.

The Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck died at the end of April during a climb on Mount Nuptse, facing Everest, when he slipped and fell more than 1000 meters.

An 85-year-old Nepalese, who was trying to recover his oldest climbing title to conquer Everest, also died early May in a base camp of the mountain.

More than 120 mountaineers have reached the summit on the southern side since the beginning of the season, and about 80 others have done so since the Tibetan slope.

Hundreds of others are waiting to start before the monsoon arrives in early June, which will mark the end of the short mountaineering spring season.

In 2016, five mountaineers died on Mount Everest. A total of 640 people reached the summit.

On April 25, 2015, an avalanche caused by the earthquake in Nepal struck the base camp of Everest, killing 18 people.

Since the first successful ascent of Everest in 1953, more than 300 people, mostly Nepalese, have died in the Himalayan mountains.

Delta Plane Dumps Fuel Over Lake Michigan

Detroit A Delta Air Lines spokesman says a flight on its way to Seoul, South Korea, had to dump fuel and return to Detroit Metropolitan Airport after a cockpit light showed there was possibly an open maintenance panel on the outside of the aircraft.

Spokesman Trebor Banstetter said Flight 159 took off from Detroit at 4:48 p.m. Saturday and that the indicator light came on about 30 minutes later.

Banstetter said the aircraft circled Lake Michigan and dumped fuel for about an hour to help ensure a safe landing. He said the plane, which had 375 passengers on board, landed “safely without incident” shortly before 7 p.m.

Plane dumps fuel Lake Michigan
Plane dumps fuel Lake Michigan

“The pilot chose to return to Detroit out of an abundance of caution,” Bandtetter said. “After releasing fuel in order to reduce the landing weight, the aircraft landed without incident.”

He added that maintenance staff would look at the plane and the Atlanta-based airline would accommodate passengers.

Flight Aware, a flight tracking website, shows the plane made several circles above northern Lake Michigan, near Traverse City, before flying south, reports the Record Eagle.

The airplane and its 375 passengers landed in Detroit safely shortly before 7 p.m. and the aircraft was taken out of service for inspection. Passengers were placed on a different flight.

Cherry Capital Airport and U.S. Coast Guard officials did not respond to or assist in the incident, according to officials from both organizations.

The Doomsday Vault Floods, But Humanity Is Still Safe

Scientists are concerned about the World Seed Bank on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. Due to the extremely high temperatures and rain late last year, water flowed in the entrance of the vault.

That water then quickly froze. Scientists now are questioning the vulnerability of the bank.

The seeds are stored in a safe deep beneath a layer of so-called permafrost, which until recently it was assumed that it would be frozen in perpetuity.

Popular Science spoke with Cary Fowler, one of the creators of the vault to see just how serious the situation really is. “Flooding is probably not quite the right word to use in this case,” he told them. According to Fowler, a little bit of water has made its way into the entrance every year. Though he wasn’t present at the vault when the ‘flooding’ occurred this year, he insists that it’s a pretty routine occurrence.

“The tunnel was never meant to be water tight at the front, because we didn’t think we would need that,” he tells Pop Sci. Basically, there’s a 100-meter tunnel that serves as a walkway into the mountain and it goes downhill. Before you reach the vault doors, the ground shifts uphill. This little area allows water to collect and two pumps can evacuate it. Hege Njaa Aschim, a Norwegian government official, told the Guardian, “A lot of water went into the start of the tunnel and then it froze to ice, so it was like a glacier when you went in.” And well, that’s not really a crisis. In fact, according to Fowler, if the water were to make it all the way uphill it would get hit with temperatures around minus 18 degrees celcius, freeze, and create a new barrier.

The entrance of the international gene bank Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), JUNGE, HEIKO/AFP/Getty Images)
The entrance of the international gene bank Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), JUNGE, HEIKO/AFP/Getty Images)

The World seed Bank was established in the case of a huge disaster yet again to plant seeds. The safe is located at a depth of 120 meters in a mountain close to Longyearbyen, the capital of the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen. Include the Center for Genetic Resources in Wageningen, Netherlands supplies seed to the bank.

Giant squid Caught Near Ireland

IRELAND – A Giant squid was caught off the southwest coast of Ireland

According to Irish times, a giant squid was caught off the southwest coast this week and is only the sixth documented Irish sighting of the elusive marine creature on record.

The giant squid, measuring 5.8 metres, is the first seen in Irish waters in 22 years.

The first known sighting of a giant squid was in 1673 near the Aran Islands.

The latest find was caught in a trawling net on Monday by fisherman Pete Flannery, skipper of the Cú na Mara, near the Porcupine Basin – 190km off the Kerry coast.
Mr Flannery’s father, Michael, caught two giant squids off the Kerry coast in 1995, the last time one was caught in Irish waters.

The squid was brought to Dingle’s Oceanworld Aquarium and from there will be sent to the Natural History Museum.

“The total records from Ireland show there was one caught west of the Aran Islands and two in Kerry in 1995,” Aquarium director Kevin Flannery said. “Records show the first sighting of a giant squid was on October 3rd, 1673. The next wasn’t until 1875 in Inisbofin and then there were three in 1995.

The squid found this week is large than the 2013 specimen, the aquarium said on Facebook. “The mantle is and diameter of suckers are but tentacles slightly shorter but on the whole the head is much bigger and seems heavier! The beak is amazing!”

“The giant squid is the one the sperm whales have to dive deep down for, they go extremely deep, down 40 or 50 feet. They’re so elusive, hardly anyone has ever seen one. National Geographic has only filmed them recently for the first time ever off the coast of New Zealand. ”

A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand in 2016 and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery.
A giant squid was found washed ashore on a beach in New Zealand in 2016 and the aquarium staff now in possession of the corpse are really jazzed about the discovery.
Also known as Kraken, the giant squid was feared by fishermen and sailors.

“If found inside in a net, they were known to grab sailors and spread their tentacles around them,” he said. “They will cut and they’ll bore into you, once they grab you.”

The Porcupine bank is just at the end of a shelf that drops down 3,000 metres to the ocean’s bed. “Obviously, this one, which is male, came up to feed and was chasing fish when it got caught in the net,” Mr Flannery said. “We know it was a young male and it would have grown much bigger.”

Giant squids normally swim in the deep sea.

The giant squid, “Architeuthis” to scientists, is sometimes described as one of the last mysteries of the ocean, being part of a world so hostile to humans that it has been little explored.

In 2006, scientists from Japan’s National Science Museum managed to lure a relatively small 3.5 metre-long giant squid to the surface.