Windows too clean for Apple Park

The many windows of Apple’s new headquarters are so transparent that employees hit them repeatedly.

Inaugurated last spring in Cupertino, California, the Apple Park is expected to accommodate 12,000 employees.

This large ring-shaped building was designed by architect Norman Foster. The view opens to the outside through large windows measuring over 13 meters high.

Inside, glass is also very present in the workspaces.

Employees often have their eyes riveted on their iPhone, some of them bump against the multiple glass walls.

Some employees started pasting Sticky Sticky Notes on the windows to prevent shocks, but were removed to avoid harming the building’s design, staff members said. anonymity.

A spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment on this information. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that no injuries to the new Apple campus have been reported.

This is not the first time that glass is a problem for Apple. In 2011, Evelyn Paswall, an octogenarian woman, broke her nose by taking a glass door in her face at an Apple store.

Arguing that the company had been negligent, she sued Apple, but was unsuccessful.

An Eyeball Shaving Barber?

A barber in the Chinese city of Chengdu does some hair-raising things to his customers ― like shave their eyeballs.

Xiong Gaowu is one of a few barbers still practicing the age-old “art”(?) of eyeball shaving.

Yep, you read that right: The 62-year-old actually puts a sharp razor right on the eyeballs of his patrons and scrapes off any dirt and residue that might be there.

While this procedure may appear terrifying, Xiong claims that he has never injured anyone in four decades of business. He also says that his treatment helps people to see better, though only if they are 30 years old or older. Apparently, those of us under 30 don’t have any bad stuff in our eyes.

Mr. Xiong said the eye hygiene method helps people see better. However, he only serves guests under the age of 30 because those below this age do not have dirt in their eyes.

Hemingway’s Six-Toed Cats Brave Out Hurricane Irma

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, home to roughly 50 six-toed cats descended from one that belonged to Hemingway when he was alive, made it safely through Hurricane Irma.

Jacque Sands, the general manager of the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum told the newspaper that the house was not severely damaged by the cyclone, and that the museum’s 10 staffers and the dozens of polydactyl felines that populate the property are safe and accounted for.

The museum’s staff made headlines after announcing that they wouldn’t heed orders to evacuate the Keys, thought to be particularly vulnerable to Irma’s wind and rain.

One of Mr Hemingway’s granddaughters, the actress Mariel Hemingway, had urged the general manager of the home and museum, Jacque Sands, to evacuate.

“I think you’re wonderful and an admirable person for trying to stay there and to try to save the cats and the house,” she said in a video posted by TMZ, but “this is frightening. This hurricane is a big deal.”

“Get in the car with the cats and take off,” Ms Hemingway had begged.

Mr Hemingway, arguably one of the most famous cat loving writers, once wrote: “A cat has absolute emotional honesty. Human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”

Hurricane Irma-Themed Cakes Are A Thing

With several major Hurricanes already this season, many parts of the US are completely devastated. But that has not stopped Floridians preparing to take on Hurricane Irma by eating cake.

Dozens of images of hurricane-themed baked goods have begun popping up on social media this week, with several being spotted at various Publix locations, a Florida-based supermarket chain:

Publix Bakery for the WIN: GO AWAY IRMA! Stay safe friends ❤️

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Images of colourful cakes with blue, yellow and green icing swirled to resemble satellite images of the hurricane started popping up on social media this week. The Florida-based supermarket Publix was one of the first to offer up hurricane-themed cakes in their stores.

In one photo uploaded to Twitter on Thursday, a Publix cake is shown with green swirly icing and plastic palm trees and a surfboard poking out of the top as well as a Muskoka chair that appears to be tossed on its side from the storm.

The internet, of course, is divided. Some people think the cakes are a classic bit of Floridian gallows humor. Others actually appreciate the message — one cake, after all, says “Go Away, Irma.”

Plus, who couldn’t use a tasty slice of fondant-engulfed cake during a trying time?

thers, however, worry that the cakes are trivializing a deadly storm that has already taken numerous lives.

“Might be OK if it wasn’t a [Category 4] storm that will kill people,” one person tweeted.

Still, it seems that most Floridian tweeters are okay with the cakes. A lot of people seem to be buying them — some have even lamented that they couldn’t find one at their nearest Publix.

“Zombie Dogs” Roaming Chicago Neighborhood

For a few weeks, the population of Chicago has been alarmed by the appearance of coyotes that go out to hunt by day.

Police in Hanover Park, a suburb of Chicago, warned people to keep their pets inside the house to keep them from being attacked by “zombie dogs.”

According to police, in recent weeks they received several reports on “malnourished or abandoned street dogs” hanging around the village. But they clarified that in reality they are urban coyotes infected with sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious skin disease.

“Unfortunately, there is an increase in sarcoptic mange in the urban coyote population. Infected animals suffer from hair loss and develop secondary infections, which makes them look like a ‘zombie’ dog ,” police said.

Infections affect vision, causing these normally nocturnal animals to go out and look for food during the day . The infected coyotes are not usually aggressive, but they should be avoided at all times.

Urban coyotes inhabit metropolitan areas of North America, areas where the population of these wild animals thrives due to availability of food and absence of predators. In addition, in Illinois the urban coyote is a protected species, which means that killing or hunting them without a special license is illegal.

1979 Presenter Announcing The 2017 Eclipse Wasn’t Even Close

The event has been nicknamed “The Great American Eclipse”. On Monday, August 21, 2017, the United States will be able to admire the first total solar eclipse in 38 years (except the one visible from Hawaii in 1991). At least twelve million Americans will live for a few moments in the shadow that will cross the country diagonally from north-west to south-east. The expectation is passionate and the rejoicings scheduled on this occasion, many.

In 1979, Mondays eclipse already fueled dreams. Like the crazy one of this journalist with ABC . Presenting a report on the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century on the American continent, 26 February 1979, the news anchor had a dream of the next solar eclipse falling on a world full of “peace.”

As attacks around the world multiply and a part of the Middle East is in ruins , the United States seems irreconcilable and there are several serious threats to world peace. Not sure that Frank Reynolds , who died in 1983, imagined all this while wishing American viewers “that the shadow of the moon falls on a world in peace” 38 years later, as you can see in our video above .


“So that’s it, the last solar eclipse to be seen on this continent in this century,” Reynolds concluded. “As I said, not until August 21, 2017, will another eclipse be visible from North America. That’s 38 years from now. May the shadow of the moon fall on a world at peace.”

Not without irony, the video has emerged again in recent days on social networks .

On Monday, August 21, the total solar eclipse will be visible on a trajectory of 113 kilometers of width passing from one coast to the other of the country. That such a phenomenon crosses the whole country is quite rare: the last time it was in 1918.
The Moon will slip between the Earth and the Sun, then aligned, blocking the rays. It will completely mask the Sun (unlike a normal solar eclipse) and the sky will darken in the middle of the day.


20 tonnes of Nutella and Kinder Surprises stolen in Germany

UNUSUAL – It’s an original case. German police have been searching since August 12th for a refrigerated trailer filled with pallets of “Nutella” and “Kinder surprises.” The loot was stolen from the town of Neustadt in the south-west of the country, and contains 20 tons of the famous spread and treats.

The estimated cost of the cargo is “between 50,000 and 70,000 euros”. Police do not rule out the hypothesis that the perpetrators simply wanted to steal the trailer.

While waiting to find the thieves, authorities gave instructions in a statement quoted by BFMTV: “Anyone who is offered a large amount of chocolate by unconventional means is asked to report it immediately to the police.”

The German press made the comparison with another theft, a truck loaded with thirty tons of fruit juice, stolen Sunday morning in northern Germany in the city of Wittenburg.

Woman finds long-lost diamond ring on carrot in her garden

UNUSUAL – It’s a story that seems to have come out of a fairy tale. Mary Grams, a Canadian living in the province of Alberta, found her engagement ring thirteen years after she lost it. The precious jewelry was discovered by the daughter-in-law around … a carrot.

Colleen Daley was collecting vegetables on the family farm, which has been passed down from generation to generation for 105 years, when she came across this curious specimen. the ring was discovered around a carrot.

The woman immediately maked the connection as she explained to CBC News.

“I knew that it belonged either to my grandmother or to my mother-in-law because no other woman had lived on this farm.” I asked my husband if he recognized the ring. Mother had lost her own years ago in the kitchen garden and had never found her. “And she resurfaced around this carrot.

Mary Grams can not believe it.

“I recognized him right away,” explains this octogenarian. It details how at the time, in 2004, all had returned the land from the kitchen garden, where it was sure to have lost it, to try to find it, but in vain. She had not even dared to confess to her husband, who died five years ago, that she had lost that gift she had owned since 1951, a year before their marriage.

Enchanted by this gesture of nature, Mary Grams is delighted to find that the ring still fits perfectly on her finger. And a carrot juice to celebrate.

SUV sinks in New Jersey beach as owner tries to save it – VIDEO

For an “Instagram worthy” photo, he parked his beloved car close to the sea – a decision he would soon regret

It should have been an imposing picture. A young driver drove his shiny white land rover to the sea at the Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. The 20-year-old hobby photographer wanted to put his favorite car in the right light.

These plans were soon thrown overboard, when the off-road vehicle was stuck in the sand.

Christopher Gillich and his wife Megan happened to be witnesses of the desperate rescue attempt and recorded the sheet metal drama on video.

The Land Rover had already dug into the sand to the ground. The water came nearer and nearer until the alarmed towing service had finally uncovered the car, the waves were already flying over the vehicle.

“The car is water proof!”

As Gillich described in a second Facebook post including video (below), the driver of the off-road vehicle came quite cocky.

The waves had already been beaten several times over the vehicle, before the man finally found it.

The helpers advised him to sell the car soon before it began to rustle through the salt water. But the accident did not know anything about it: “It’s all right, the car is water-proof,” the ignorant gate replied. The model was a Limited Edition, which he would certainly not sell.

Although the engine made strange noises, the man did not let the man stop him and dart with the all-wheel.

At least the man comes without notice, because as owner of a fishing license he is allowed to ride on the beach with off-road vehicles.

Island beach state park at A-8

Posted by Chris Gillich on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

(Mike Palm, The City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department via AP)

man parks his car on newly poured concrete

A Nebraska driver could be facing a $10,000 bill after he plowed into newly poured concrete in the township of Lincoln.

When the mann realized the concrete was still wet he stopped and immediately became stuck.

According to a report from the AP, the accident occurred Wednesday on a portion of a road repair project in the state capital. Police spokeswoman Angela Sands said Friday that police won’t cite the driver, 19-year-old Shadrach Yasiah. A police incident report says it wasn’t obvious that the concrete wasn’t dry and that Yasiah drove into it through a 24-foot (7-meter) gap between traffic control cones.

Attempts by Strange News Chronicle to contact Yasiah were not successful.

City engineer Thomas Shafer says the driver is responsible for the repairs. He says the contactor estimated it will cost more than $10,000 to pay for removing the car, scraping out the ruined slurry, repouring more and finishing it.