New conifer-shaped cell tower in Northern Ontario

Rogers Communications has decided to blend in with the Sudburian scenery, building a a cell tower that looks like a fir tree. LTE service will be available to residents of the south of Greater Sudbury City in the summer.

The fir tower seems to appeal to residents, including Duncan Robertson who lives in this area.

It’s less ugly than an ordinary tower, he says. Nobody in the neighborhood complained. No doubt Christmas lights this winter would make her even more beautiful.

A first in Greater Sudbury

The concept of a fir-tree cell tower is already present in the Muskoka area north of Toronto.

Rogers says the new tower will allow residents to get better service while getting married to the landscape.

When we determine a location, for design, our engineers take into consideration the neighborhood, the visibility of the cell tower and the citizens’ point of view , the statement said.

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