Animals — October 20, 2017 at 12:20 pm

Man kills Neighbor’s Cat believing It Was A Demon


(Quebec) After killing the cat of a tenant in his building because he believed he was the demon, a 35-year-old man assaulted police following his arrest on Thursday by biting an officer on his arm and Punching his colleague. He was eventually shot with a taser gun before being taken to the hospital.

The concierge of a building in Montmartre Street in Saint-Sauveur contacted the Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ) at about 4:45 pm after finding that a tenant had entered the building by offense Another resident and killed her cat.

When the police arrived at the scene, they quickly arrested the suspect for an infringement and animal cruelty. The poor animal had been eviscerated. His murderous potential believed that the demon had taken hold of the feline.

During his detention pending his appearance, the suspect showed signs of disorganization. His transfer to the hospital was requested for him to receive appropriate health care. Around 1:35 in the morning, the man obeyed with the agents, but suddenly grabbed a police officer and bit him before attacking his colleague and punching him. It was eventually mastered using an electric pulse gun.

Two counts of assault against police officers were subsequently filed, says SPVQ spokesman David Poitras. The suspect will not appear until his condition improves, “says Poitras.

Althia Blair

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