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8-year-old Commits Suicide In Cincinnati, family blames school


The family of an 8-year-old Carson Elementary School student who committed suicide in January believes the boy was assaulted at school two days before he died, and the families attorney claims that school officials did not notify the boy’s mother about the attack.

The mother of the boy hired attorney Jennifer Branch to find out what happened at school before her son took his own life on Jan. 26.

“Mom is really heartbroken that she didn’t know what she needed to know to protect her son,” Branch said.

Branch said that they now know there is school security video from Jan. 24 that shows another student camping out in the school bathroom around noon and hitting and threatening students.

In the video, Branch said that you see the 8-year-old walk into the bathroom and try to shake the attacker’s hand, but the attacker forces him to the ground.

8-year-old suicide Cincinnati
8-year-old suicide Cincinnati

“He ends up on the floor, unconscious for seven and a half minutes,” Branch said.

The video, which has not been released to the media or the public, then reportedly shows other students mocking the boy and kicking him. Branch said that eventually the assistant principal and nurse come into the bathroom to revive the eight-year-old.

However, what is on the video, according to Branch, is not part of the story that school officials told his mother.

“Mom is called, and she’s told that he fainted,” Branch said.

Branch said that the boy ended up vomiting later that night, so his mother took him to the hospital and was told that he likely had the stomach flu.

He missed school on Jan. 25 and went back to Carson on Jan. 26.

“He came home from school that last day,” Branch said. “Mom found him [dead] in his bedroom a few hours later.”

Branch said that a Cincinnati Police detective also saw the video and called it “alarming” and “bullying” in a report. She said that his report is what led her to discovering the video.

Branch said that the boy’s mother wants answers and wants justice.

“Maybe this had been going on for years, and she had no idea, so she couldn’t help him,” Branch said. “She couldn’t protect him, and now she wants to know what was really going on.”

Branch said that they are hoping other parents and students might come forward with more information.

A friend of the 8-year-old’s family provided FOX19 NOW a statement that reads:

“He was a shining light to everyone who knew and loved him. We miss him desperately and suffer everyday without him. His life was stolen not only from him, but from those of us who expected to watch him grow up.”

FOX19 NOW did reach out to Cincinnati Public Schools for comment on this story through emails, phone calls and text messages, but those attempts have been unsuccessful so far.

Cincinnati Police stated that they did investigate the incident.

Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for ages 10-24.

If you or anyone you know are feeling desperate, or beyond hope here are some phone numbers that you can call 24 hours a day for free counseling:

National (United States) Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255


Suicide Prevention hotlines in Ontario:

Centre Location Centre Contact information
Cambridge Distress Line: 519-658-5455
Durham Region Distress Line: 905-430-2522; 1-800-452-0688
Business Line: (905) 430-3511
Kingston Distress Line: 613-544-1771
Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Counties Distress Line: 1-800-465-4442
Niagara Region Distress Line: 905-688-3711
North Halton Distress Line:  905-877-1211
Northern Ontario Distress Line:  1-855-554-HEAL (4325)
Offers services in English, Ojibway, Oji-Cree, and Cree.
Nunavut Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut Helpline:
Distress Line: 876-979-3333, or 800-265-3333
Oakville Distress Line: 905-849-4541
Ottawa & Region Distress Line: 613-238-3311
Crisis Line: 613-722-6914 or 1-866-996-0991
Peel Region Spectra Helpline:
Brampton & Missisauga 905.459.7777
Caledon 1.877.298.5444
TTY: 905-278-4890
Québec and Ontario Tel-Aide TAO (French-speaking only):
Distress Line (Gatineau): 819-775-3223
Distress Line (Ottawa): 613-741-6433
Free 1-800 Line: 1-800-567-9699
Toronto Distress Line: 416-408-4357
Survivor Support Program: 416-595-1716
Wellington and Dufferin Counties Distress Line: 519-821-3760 or 1-888-821-3760
Crisis Line: 519-821-0140 or 1-877-822-0140
Windsor & Essex County Distress Line: 519-256-5000
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  1. I would demand that the child me charged with assault from that video and I’d sue the darn school. This is totally unacceptable for them to clearly be covering it up.

  2. This needs to be addressed. Schools are not doing enough, they are not informing parents, and bullies are not held accountable!!

    • DaDarkSavior

      I agree. My son’s school isn’t discussing 2 different boys and one girl in my son’s class who not only harass students but they stop class to cause scenes and nothing is done.
      A boy named Logan discusses death, how only men can be in the military and he checks out books about guns. He destroyed 3 cell phones in class in front of his teacher and classmates. One of the phones was found in the playground.
      Not only was it not turned in but he shattered it into a ton of pieces and it’s still in his backpack in a Ziploc bag. He also went after his teacher’s cell. I volunteer. That’s how I know. He gets out of his seat if he has something to say and he roams the school without anyone knowing of his whereabouts.
      Another boy during field day decided to flip out and try to run away ( cuz his dad who’s in jail for murder). He saw a kid get hugged by her dad who volunteered alongside with me. The kid now gets out of his seat, he began recently to toss any work off of his desk.
      And the girl- she thinks she’s a teacher. She too gets out of her seat, doesn’t raise her hand and she has outbursts.
      Not one time was any parent informed about these kids. These kids especially Logan and the girl, jade lashes out and hits other students. That’s disturbing the class learning.

  3. A security camera video taken inside a Cincinnati elementary school reveals that a student assaulted an 8-year-old boy in a restroom and other children kicked and struck the boy for five minutes while he lay unconscious.
    Two days later, the boy died by suicide.

  4. I am a teacher and we stand right outside the bathrooms and hear everything going on. Where were the teachers?? Students should not be unsupervised at any time for any reason.

    • DaDarkSavior

      Actually the school my son attends that no teacher not even during recess is with them. They have a card that the student needs to take to open doors as the teacher is teaching. My son is in 1st grade and I volunteer every Monday. I’m not allowed to go with the students.

  5. This is horrible and made even worse that the kids responsible are not being punished and school officials need fired…R.I.P. Little man..prayers for his friends and family

  6. I feel like people can’t be decent human beings anymore. Clearly people are not raising their children correctly since they are treating others this way. This poor boy did not deserve any of this. People need to actually parent their children and raise them with morals, and values!

  7. CalebTheArtist

    I am appalled at myself for even thinking this, but if that was my child I would personally have found the kid that bullied him and potentially take his life. I am very well aware that is morally bankrupt for me to consider that, but I would burn an entire country down for my child if it ever came to it. This mentality simply showcases how weak I am and how strong this mother is.

  8. It isn’t any exaggeration to say that school today really is the lion’s den….and this was an elementary school! If kids that young can get by with such behavior, I can’t imagine what the older ones in middle and high school are getting by with. It is imperative today to pray for God’s protection over your children (mind and body) because it is a war zone, even more so for young boys.

  9. Marty McFly

    If I was the father of the kid who committed suicide, I’d goto that school with a video camera and play the video that I obtained from that attorney to a bunch of kids to find out their exact name. Then I’d google his punk ass, find out where he lives and kill him in his own bedroom.

  10. michael lueras

    this is compulsory western education at work here amen?

  11. destiny tran

    it’s not just the school’s fault. It’s the parents fault too. She must be too busy to even ask him how was school. Both parents and school need to do more, not just school alone. the mom must be to busy with work that she didn’t even bother to ask him about his school.

  12. Mark Nord

    This is but a symptom to the real problems facing our society racism, anger , frustration, hatred, blame, greed, economics and so many other problems nobody is willing to honestly talk about. The child that bullied this child is just as much of a victim. Hatred begets hatred, anger begets anger, and always the most innocent are ones who suffer. This horrible tragedy this loss of innocent life is but a reflection of the horror of what we have become as a people. Look around you and see the violence , people kill each other over tennis shoes and who is going to be president. Our city streets are war zones , our police are being hunted , and the streets of our cities are controlled by violent murdering gangs. Nobody is speaking the truth and they just blame each other white black rich poor democrat republican. Hey that is not the problem, the problem is we have become soulless creatures that only help themselves at the expense of everyone around us and the weakest amongst are the victims. The answer is to just stop. But that will never happen……. without a drastic event.

  13. Smart & Childless

    Parents need to be more proactive in their child’s lives. Wake-up and assess your child with non-parent eyes. If your child is underdeveloped, smart, wears glasses, dresses differently or just isn’t like the other kids… Most likely, they are being bullied.
    You can say all you want about being nice and wishing our world was a nicer place. It isn’t. Get real. Teach your kid martial arts, give them pepper spray or something. No child is going to admit they are being bullied, as it makes them feel even lower than being hit. It’s another sign of weakness.

    • Mari Johnson

      “smart & childless” I know that you may not be aware of this. As a mom – you trust that you have developed that bond between yourself and that child to communicate. We don’t know this mom’s situation is/was but we are all well aware that the other adults in this child’s school life didn’t do what they were paid to do or even what a decent human being would do – you know like – idk – notify mom so she could have taken him to the hospital, call the police and let them know what was going on, and/or the option of taking him out of that school – that is something that every parent expects from any school their child goes too and this mom was denied all those basic privileges.

  14. Mari Johnson

    I’m so heartbroken for this mom! To know now that she was not notified and sent her baby back to school!! What is wrong with these people. I hope that she sues the entire school district and their forced to close down. I hope every adult that was there that day “reviving” this beautiful angel gets exactly what they deserve for allowing that to happen to the child and not informing the mother so that she could have taken the appropriate steps to keep her child safe. They all deserve jail time – they essentially helped damage this baby so emotionally that he felt he had not way out. How dare they!! I’m so angry and to these little bullies!! Your mama’s and daddy’s deserve to hit that prison system (if they ain’t there already) too since they the ones raising and allowing you all to behave in that manner.

  15. I could not imagine going through this. I swear everyone in that school would pay!! If the love of my life is gone then there’s no problem in me going to jail. God forgive me.

  16. Our 8year old was being bullied at his school as well, teacher was full aware of it and who was involved yet my son was tormented for months, the teacher tried doing what she could but things escalated and the children bullying my son started physically beating and choking him, we had several meetings with the principal and support staff during this time but nothing was truly done (due to what we were told was no staff member witnessing the bullying and no reports being made) until we demanded he be changed into another classroom after filing a complaint with the district and an incident the principal witnessed of my son being beaten and kicked by this group of kids. I watched my son go from a cheerful loving child to developing behavior issues and becoming withdrawn and depressed, it seems unreal because 8 is so young but I have heard my own child tell me he wishes he wasn’t alive because then he wouldn’t be bullied. It’s such a tragedy this young boy felt suicide was his only relief, my prayers are with his family and hopefully his school, and schools across the nation, take a more severe approach to disciplining bullies and having better supervision.

  17. Disgusting.

    This kid vomited when he got back home. The vomiting and the fainting might be an indicator of trauma to the brain. This school, when it didn’t tell the mother of the whole story, it prevented the mother and doctors in the hospital from giving the kid adequate care. They are complicit in his death.

    having experienced a great deal of bullying myself when I was younger It infuriates me when I read these kind of stories because I see the same mistakes that used to happen to me 30 years ago happening to children now. Schools, adults in general, do not take conflict between children seriously. This mentality empowers and emboldens bullies in schools who know full well that they can get away with doing anything. I was bullied to no end for 3 years in high school. The school outright refused to take the issue seriously. I could not study. I could not think. I was afraid of going to schools. Me and my parents did not leave a single person in school that we did not speak to about the seriousness of the situation including the headmaster. They all without exception did not take it seriously. They nor his single mother (emphasis on the words ‘single mother’) could not care less. The guy used to bring knives to school to threaten us with. It was a very serious situation. The school did not do anything to stop the bullying besides talking to the kid, which made the situation worse. They carried ignoring our pleas for help until one day the guy attacked me in school with a bottle causing me to break my nose and suffer serious scars on my face, which i still have to this day. For this, they suspended him for 5 days and he was back in school within a week in the same class as me doing the same bullying as before without a care. I just wish I had taken my school to court. I just wish I had reported this situation to the police so that it could have been dealt with more seriously. I didn’t. I was only a child back then and me and my parents, we were all so very exhausted by the experience, we couldn’t think strait. We did not know our rights.

  18. He was knocked unconscious, this could have been a concussion and most likely was one, this can actually be the cause of his suicide. Technically, the bully is a killer in my eyes and should be treated as such. The school should be held accountable as well, if we continue to sue the schools and they begin to lose money, perhaps then they will begin to address this national problem!

  19. I wonderif teachers are educated about bullying in their college ckasses, that might help. Although if they have no help or rules about it from their superiors what to do, what to do?

  20. Come on … Parents educate your kids about this, no child should have to go through this!! Tell your kid to stick up for themselves. If my kid is being picked on I would tell them fight back and stand up for your self. Kids can be cruel and we have all been picked on , but do what you have to do even if it means you have to fight it out! I’m ” Old School” … Sadly kids that are being bullied don’t want to say anything because they are embarrassed. Praying for this family so sorry for your loss,

  21. Why did he killed himself I mean he was only 8 how did he even figure out how to do it? I have an 8 years old and I really don’t think and hope he don’t know how to hang himself or harm himself in any other way. I don’t understand!

  22. How do you not know? I’m really sorry for her loss. You have to be omnipresent in your kids life from school to social media to jobs if the work! Today’s generation are evil & really mean! Please parents be involved, be the get in their business parent.. unfortunately for this mom, she had no idea

  23. Wow it just shows the principle and teachers don’t care i know some ones child right bow is bullied every day but do you think they care no they dont

  24. OMG, this poor little boy. What has happened that kids are not taught to respect others!

  25. elizebeth

    Schools used to have hall and bathroom monitors, they need to go back to that, there was a reason for them.

  26. Those bullies are responsible and should pay with jail time maybe if they spent time in jail they might change their minds about being a bully

  27. chools, parents, all people in authority are failing to keep our kids safe. Still amazes me how IGNORANT they still are.

  28. Sad, but I am also disturbed that an 8 year old would think this way and would even know how to harm himself in a manner that could result in death. At 8 years your old your only in the second grade. I think there is more to this story and I hope they find all the answers to this.

  29. school need to do more

    These schools need to start punishing for bullying instead of turning their heads or sweeping it under the rug! Dear God these kids are eight and eleven years old committing suicide. No child should ever be bullied! But we still have adults that bully and that’s sad also! Prayers for this young boys mom and family. Heartbreaking

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