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FBI Translator Daniela Greene Married ISIS Member Denis Cuspert


NEW YORK (EON) – The story has been making headlines across the globe. A translator for the FBI to report the remarks of a German jihadist fighting for the Islamic state (Daech) ended up marrying him, according to CNN.

Daniela Greene, who speaks fluent German, was entrusted in January 2014 by the Detroit office with the supervision of Denis Cuspert. He is an ex-rapper known overseas under the pseudonym of Deso Dogg, who fights under the name of war of Abu Talha al-Almani. She fell in love with him.

Barely five weeks

The 38-year-old translator went so far as to warn Denis Cuspert that he was under surveillance and in June 2014 she took a plane to Istanbul, where she was greeted by her pretender. Both marry shortly thereafter but less than five weeks later, Daniela Greene goes to the US authorities after negotiating her return.

She may be aware of the nature of her husband. A video dating from July 2014 shows Denis Cuspert surrounded by dead bodies in the city of Homs in Syria. It also appears holding a freshly cut head.

Denis Cuspert. (YouTube)
Denis Cuspert. (YouTube)

Condemned on her return

Within weeks of marrying Cuspert, Greene, 38, seemed to realize she had made a terrible mistake She was tried in December 2014, according to CNN, who obtained the indictment. Pleading guilty of misrepresentation in a case of international terrorism, she was sentenced to two years in prison. She was released in the summer of 2016.

The case is all the more embarrassing for the FBI that its translator had a top-secret authorization. The agency has taken “several steps to identify and reduce its security weaknesses,” she told CNN. But for several American experts, if Daniela Greene was able to go to Syria in the areas controlled by the Islamic state, this could not be done without the authorization of leaders.

The former translator now works at the reception in a hotel, still in the United States. She did not want to speak for fear of putting her family in danger. (Nxp)

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  1. She should be taken back to Syria, and her citizenship should be permanently revoked. That’s treason, and she deserves to stay with the people she has shown her loyalty to. Hope she likes living with less freedoms and rights than a house cat.

  2. Neither of them look Syrian.. Or I would say let them stay there lol. If she doesn’t want to be a part of the system that gave her her life, let her go. Just don’t let her back. Hopefully their love can make both of their lives more peaceful and appreciative of normal behavior, in the end.

  3. That’s why all the Middle Eastern people think that USA and their allies created ISIS and we are not wrong in that . They chose the most fucked up people in the middle east and told the world this is Islam and this is Arabs . Good hollycock movie played on the innocent people lives .

  4. Such kinda news wouldn’t have surfaced. It’s just a ploy to dodge the ulterior motive behind the news. Both must be the agents and on some mission I reckon. It’s a deceptive ploy…

  5. Why is that such an embarrassment? ISIS terrorists aren’t any more dangerous than some of our own government officials and no one is surprised or ashamed of the same. Thank God someone Loves these guys, they need some one to show them some Love.

  6. Maybe she was fooled into thinking he was a good guy because he was opposed to Assad? The US media does tend to label Al Qaeda and ISIS as “moderate rebels” and make these terrorists in White Helmets look like heroes.

  7. Ha a failed rapper who was in a car crash and turned to Islam , a rapper so he’s stupid and easily brainwashed by extreme Islam , and makes raps about osama bin laden, lol then meets another idiot who speaks German, 2 peas in a pod, hope a drone gets them both ,

  8. Nothing surprising. FBI has long connection with ISIS terrorists. Definitely they fall in love through supplying weapons and funds.

  9. Intelligence agencies, and terrorist groups getting together? Nothing new there!

  10. This is not unusual. Some female prison guards marry prisoners with horrible history. Why? Dont know.

  11. i think it's romantic

    heir love was forbidden.. But that didnt stop them.. I feel like this could become some cheesy movie

  12. This means she deflected and probably lost her US citizenship immediately. I doubt she could return if she wanted to and she will be useless to them and disposable . Bad decision!

  13. dannyboyyyy

    She only received 2 years in prison because she cooperated with government officials. She has since been released. This story was featured as a brief on CNN last night.

  14. Should be a fun target for one of our Spec Ops teams. Lot of FBI bullshit lately. Finally a chance for revenge. Dont like that FBI? Better save her before they find her. Last I checked we were done taking Daesh Prisoners.

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