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Benny Hinn Raid: Postal Service inspectors and IRS Pay Visit To Televangelists Office


Dallas – On Thrusday U.S. Postal Service inspectors and IRS criminal investigators searched the Grapevine offices of prominent televangelist Benny Hinn.
Though NBC 5 crews saw a large number of federal agents walking in and out of the offices with boxes, investigators would not say what they are looking for or even confirm they are investigating Hinn.

The search began about 9 a.m. Wednesday at Hinn’s headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine, near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. According to Hinn’s website, he was in Paris.

NBC 5 reports that their news crew “saw a large number of federal agents walking in and out of the offices with boxes.”

Fox 4 reports “about 50 federal agents” raided the offices of the famous televangelist in Grapevine, Texas, Wednesday morning.

Evangelist Benny Hinn, Photo, Facebook
Evangelist Benny Hinn, Photo, Facebook

US News reports:

The search began about 9 a.m. Wednesday at Hinn’s headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine, near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Lisa Slimak, spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Dallas, said she was unable to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation. A message sent to Bennie Hinn Ministries went unanswered.

Commenting on the raid, Special Agent Michael Moseley with IRS Criminal Investigations said:

Today, we are here on official business, we are conducting a search warrant on the premises, basically that’s all I can tell you today.

Hinn was one of six television evangelists investigated by the Senate Finance Committee in 2007. Three years later, the six were cleared of any wrongdoing.

In 2007, Hinn was one of six TV evangelists investigated by the Senate Finance Committee. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, led the investigation.

All six were cleared of wrongdoing in 2011.

Requests for comments from Hinn’s staff went unanswered.

According to Hinn’s website, he is currently in Paris.

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  1. Those piece’s of sh*t make all their money tax free & he’s investigated for tax evasion. When the hell are these church’s going be taxed like every other business. Enough is enough. By the way…these are the false preachers the bible wars against.

  2. Very sad how people like him use the name of God to put up a front and behind the scenes they are doing everything against His teachings. Even sadder is that events such as these gives headway for all Christians to be judged the same.

  3. Holy crap! The Feds have enough to nail that old faith healer? Don’t stop there! The entire televangelism industry is riddled with corruption, IMO. Creflo Dollar wanted his electronic parishioners to cough up $65-million for a new private jet, which he claimed would be used to spread the gospel worldwide. The money these people and others have reaped from the gullible could pay the National Debt and be used toward infrastructure.

  4. Benny Hinn Raid

    elevangelist: Conning the poor, desperate and those who are about to die with unbiblical theology since the 60’s. I wish Congress and the IRS had these people on a tight leash.

  5. Him, Joyce Meyer, and Joel Osteen need to be arrested for tax evasion. They don’t preach to preach, they preach for money. Along with dudes like Creflo Dollar and all the other con artists out there.

  6. I hope the apology for their intrusion is as well advertised as their intervention into the affairs of a church. Benny Hinn is NOT who the haters think he is.

  7. Joyce Meyer is a great evangelist and she makes her financial records available for her ministry. She gives to the poor and helpless. She preaches the word of God and walks out what she preaches. Stop being judge and jury over things you have little info on.

    • Form what I have seen I agree with you Kay.

    • Agree. Strange that it took 3 years to NOT find any wrong doing by these evangelists. We must all answer to God Almighty about our lives. Do we live according to God’s mandates or the world’s view of what they should be doing. Who decided that people who preach have to be poor? The Bible says that God prospers those who love Him and serve Him. Critics don’t seem to care how much politicians steal from taxpayers and use their positions to profit. Get a life!

  8. My mom used to send money to this fraud! I would get so pissed. Benny Hinn was the after school special for my friends and I back in the day. We’d turn it on and laugh at the people dropping to the floor after he’d palm their foreheads lol. He should have been raided years ago!

  9. Biggest fraud in the preaching world.. Jesus and his disciples didn’t ride around in fancy horse chariots,boats or lived lavishly ….this guy along with many other evangelists get rich of peoples faith

  10. It’s was probably all those unregistered flights of “healed” people zooming across the stage. If you Christians are going to fly, register with the FAA

  11. A person who ” prays on ” not with people who are looking for faith, guidance and help. What took the feds so long, here in Florida he has operated for years before going to Texas. He belongs in jail not in heaven.

  12. Linda Pittman

    Mike Murdock is another one I wish authorities would look into. He runs this con at night telling people if they will send him 1K “seed money,” that God will rain down blessings upon them. He is a thief conning poor simple people. He should dance at the end of a rope.

  13. n 1997 he was in manila , Philippines doing a preaching crusade, my mom became a christian. I know this guys is a fake, but my mom was so persistent that she wanted to hear him preach. God uses the foolish things in this world to serve his purpose.. per se my mom believed and accepted Jesus as her savior. It is not Benny Hinn but God’s grace that saved my mom

  14. I’ve been talking about him and his cronies for years ….all that healing he does on stage makes me sick! These ministries give religion a bad name and bankrupt those who are gullible enough to give all their money.

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