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Michigan man Fined $125 For Warming Up His Car UPDATE


ROSEVILLE, Mich. — A Michigan man was fined $125 for warming up his car in his own driveway.

Warming up your car in the driveway might be a Michigan winter tradition, but a judge says it’s not legal in a Detroit suburb if no one’s behind the wheel, reports the Toledo Blade.

Nick Taylor challenged a $125 ticket in court Thursday and lost. His lawyer, Nicholas Somberg, says a Roseville ordinance against unattended running vehicles shouldn’t apply to driveways.

But Judge Marco Santia says the law is in the public interest.

As reported by the Daily Mail,  Trupiano posted an image of the fine online, along with the caption: ‘Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dips**t K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own damn driveway.’

The DJ and Best Buy salesman said Keary should have knocked on his door an alerted him, rather than issuing the fine and leaving without saying anything.

He added: ‘I was furious when I saw it. Every person warms up their car. We live in Michigan!’


(Nick Taylor/Facebook)
(Nick Taylor/Facebook)

Taylor got attention in January when he posted a photo of the ticket on Facebook. The post was shared more than 6,000 times and garnered more than 5,000 comments.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin has defended the ticket. He says a thief could have stolen Taylor’s car.

The Ohio Revised Code reads:

No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended  without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key from the ignition,  effectively setting the parking brake, and, when the motor vehicle is standing upon any grade, turning the front wheels to the curb or side of the highway.

There are similar “no idling “laws on the books in Kentucky, Washington and Indiana.

Sarah Colin

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  1. Marc Davis

    well be nice to the police – they have quotas to meet, they’re just doing their job, they’re there for our protection. rofl. can you f’ing imagine if this dipst**k gave a ticket to everyone letting their car warm up? he’d make quota in one day. by the end of the month he’d have gotten the city out of debt with all the fines. What next, arresting people for kissing in public? premarital sex? walking a pig within 5 feet of the curb?

    • You don’t see a fucking problem with “quotas”? How about with the cops coming onto your property to ticket your vehicle, which is also your property? Are you familiar with the concept of private property?

  2. Was the vehicle locked? I could see a ticket being issued if it wasn’t. There are numerios cases where unlocked running vehicles have been stolen. If it was locked and a thief truly wanted the vehicle – running or not- it takes limited effort to break-in and hot-wire many types of vehicles.

    Also, I wonder if the local law exempts police and other emergency vehicles which are routinely left running – emergency or not.

    • That’s because moron cops are writing citations like instead of policing the community!

    • The vehicle itself is PRIVATE PROPERTY and it was parked on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Is your vehicle locked every time its on private property? And what about a TRESPASSING TICKET for the COP?

    • There are also numerous cases of LOCKED AND NON-RUNNING vehicles being stolen. But apparently its a better use of public funds ticketing running vehicles on private property than finding car thieves.

  3. Hugh Kelley

    Ready For The New World Order , Everyone ???

  4. another law that exists solely to fill detroit’s coffers, at the expense of free citizens. right, what exactly is freedom worth when Russia wouldn’t be fining a citizen in their frigid temperatures.

  5. another law that exists solely to fill detroit’s coffers, at the expense of free citizens. right, what exactly is freedom worth when Russia wouldn’t be fining a citizen in their frigid temperatures.

  6. I agree Marc Davis since the police have the ability. Have them now since they have sparked a outrage, and the judge took the police officers side. (not disputing whose side the judge should have taken) (I personally think officers should actually use personal judgement and I don’t know if this officer did mind you) .. have the police everywhere write tickets without warning and fix all the problems of the local officers and county and state and don’t forget the federal government all at once. FInes to the infinite number. Til they have to hire more people just to process the paperwork, and build jails for all those unable to pay those fines. I mean problems in the United States solved! If only.

  7. Margaret L

    It’s not “dipst**k” but “dips**t” he wrote. However, I’m stunned by this ticket, and just grateful I live in New Mexico where we don’t have this problem except may 2 or 3 days a year. I, too, would have been outraged. And I would have wanted to pay my fine in quarters except for the fact that at my court, the court clerk called police — instead of counting the man’s money — and the police took him down outside the court and arrested him…. I don’t know what for… but the video went viral…

    • You must not live in Albuquerque (car theft capital city of the US). Earlier this year an electrician was warming up his van unattended and it was stolen. Guess what, the thieves hit an innocent family and killed the mother and teen-age daughter. It just comes down to common sense. Now a little boy doesn’t have a mother and the electrician has to live life with knowing his irresponsibility cost two lives.

      • right, the van being stolen I am sure was what inspired the murder. “Hey we just stole a van, lets go murder a family!”
        Surly this would never have happened if they had not stolen a van, lets blame it on that.

        I guess if they only stole a bicycle they would only committed armed robbery instead

      • @ Barbara

        that’s absurd. ‘common sense’ that you write about doesn’t include anything about blaming the electrician (in your story).

        let me ask you this: if i was late for a cruise ship so they gave my berth to someone else – and then the ship went down and everyone drowned – should i feel guilty?

        i mean, yeah, i was running late (hypothetically) and failed to budget my time appropriately. since i don’t have kids (and the fictional couple who theoretically died in my hypothetical scenario had two adorable children in ‘gifted and talented’ – one of whom was chosen to go to a Nuclear Fission Camp for the Brilliant over the summer), should i feel guilty toward those orphans for my lack of time management?

  8. If the law is, as stated by the chief of police his boss, to stem auto theft, the police should have impounded the car for protection, and then, not fined the guy, just have him pay the impound fees. The impound yard is probably under contract to the county and probably in another city….Hey! A new way for repo men and bounty hunters to make bucks!

    • shush now, don’t say that. everything you wrote makes sense … except tow trucks cost more money than a paper ticket so it would eat into profits.

      and don’t go proposing that the officer knock on the door. that also cuts into profits.

      shhhhhhh …. (good, sound logic isn’t welcome in the police discussion … shhhh.)

  9. drive by any cop station and you’ll see cars being warmed up without any one in them. the cop is a dick and the judge is an asshole period.

  10. Johan Karlsson

    The police in this city could make a financial “killing” off the citizens if you closely read exactly how this law is written. Every person who doesn’t set a parking brake would also get a $125 fine.
    The last time I set a parking brake was in a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle I owned. Ridiculous!

  11. WTF Then why give us cars with remote starters! Just another way for the pigs to take money from us!

  12. C’mon he’s a DJ and a Best Buy salesman…he definitely can’t afford a $125 ticket. Give the kid a break! lol

  13. Michael G Gokey

    The fact that Officer DipShit didn’t knock on his door to warn him of the public safety factor or to protect him from having his car stolen, is exactly why the argument of “In the public’s best interest” is complete horseshit. This is about money. Same reason cops hide sometimes when setting up a speed trap. They hide so they can bust you. If they just wanted you to slow down they would show themselves. Nothing slows a roll like a cop car. In a town I worked at the cops used a car with a dummy in it. Then when people realized it was a dummy they sped up again. Then the lights and siren would go on and… busted! A real cop was in it this time. Hahaha! It was a safety issue. A neighborhood with children but a very steep hill that people tended to speed down. You wanna write tickets, that’s never going to end, but don’t blow smoke up our rears and tell us its for the safety of the public. Horse crap!

    • this. a thousand times. to all three issues you mentioned.

      (my husband drove the I-94 southbound to Chicago for a couple years and wouldn’t even brake for the cruiser-with-fake-blowup-cop just beyond the Wisc/Illinois border (just after the overpass) after just a couple weeks. in fact, almost no cars had brake lights. everyone was THAT used to the blowup doll. your story at least shows some recognition among your police. but i still give props to the concept bc of exactly what you wrote: NOTHING slows down traffic to regulated speeds like cop car visibility. phluckers.)

      • Got any pics of this fake cop? Or are you in a pot-induced haze watching Super Troopers imagining its real?

  14. Job Johnny

    Well, stupid laws are written for stupid people. Which dips**t would have been waisting the tax payer’s money having the police look for your vehicle if it had been stolen?

  15. Geez! No wonder Michigan is going down the drain; it’s being run by a bunch of no-brain robots.

  16. This Judge has no common since. I see several emergency vehicles running without anyone in them. He is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Margie Lamb

    Back in the early 70’s, I left my car running in my sister’s driveway. Somehow it rolled out of her driveway into the street and hit a car and then kept going till it ended up on the other side of the street. No one was hurt but the officer told me then it was illegal to leave a car running while unattended. I live in Illinois.

  18. The most absurd thing I have ever heard of. Just about every high end car sold these days has auto start, which you can do from inside your house and never even look at your car. Not to mention the cop is an idiot for not saying anything, if the guy was unsafe (which I can only guess is the reason for the law) then the stupid ass cop was just as unsafe for not saying anything. This is the kind of shit that makes people hate cops.

  19. For having a government that does the will of the people… seems like most don’t agree with the law why is it in place? Our government is there to follow our lead not the people follow the government… seat belt law same thing I wear mine I make my son wear his but I should not be forced the government is not my dad… we’re due for an overthrow…

  20. It is not the police job to write tickets to citizens for something that “could” happen…
    That’s ridiculous. The entire argument is based on a hypothetical that “might have” happened…

  21. Get an engine heater.
    Idling you car wastes gas and pollutes the air.

  22. Screwum all that’s what you get when you live in a republican state. It’s called legal extortion . To hell with common sense they make up laws to screw the true hard working americans

    • Republican state? That’s from a liberal who most likely hates global warming but thinks it’s okay to waste gasoline and pollute the air for no good reason? I work all over the Northeast and I never warm up my car for more than a few seconds. Don’t be a baby.

      • You’re whining about someone else’s opinion.and calling them a baby using “I.don”t warm up my car” as an example? What if you’re just too lazy to go start it? Or do you even own a car? One can “travel all over the northeast” without owning a car. Even if you do, are you scared of someone stealing it? Or scared of locking your keys in it?

  23. I don’t understand why this article quoted Ohio law. And yes, Michigan is jacked! In the capital city if you don’t remove snow from sidewalks within 12 hours you get fined, yet it takes the city weeks to clear the streets, if at all…

  24. So, will this law force folks to warm their cars in the garage? If so, when we start hearing about carbon monoxide deaths, will that be enough to overturn this silly law???

  25. the older cars have to idle for a little bit to warm up, or when you try to go, they will stall. perhaps the newer cars will go, but its hard to drive when your windows are fogged up, and there is no warm air coming out to defrost them!

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